I get a blank page when I run SVNManager, what's wrong?

There is probably something wrong with your database. So check if your Data Source Name is correct. I.e.:
  • if you have a location with username and password, are they valid?
  • if you have a SQLite location, has the Apache user rights to read and write to that location?
  • check if the svnmanager account is granted the rights to create tables (see SVNManager Installation)
Also check if you have installed the PHP support for the database you have chosen to use (mysql / sqlite / mysqli). You can do this by creating a PHP file (e.g. phpinfo.php) containing:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
Open this file in a browser to see information on your installed PHP.

I would like to see improvement XXX, functionality YYY and feature ZZZ, can you do this please?

SVNManager was created to 'scratch an itch' and was released to the public because I was thinking others might have the same itch. Also to get community feedback and patches, which worked well, thanks! The itch is gone now and my time is limited.
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